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Providing you with the sound track for your long lunch, quiet drink or night out is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Outside of the No List, we don’t really have a music policy, we just like to play really good music and avoid pretty much everything you might hear on mainstream radio or on a ‘Bar Vibes’ compilation. And we can occasionally be persuaded, but we don’t really want to play any of those great records that both you and your Mum like either. We’d like you to be Shazam-ing the tunes you hear here first and then heading home to download loads of new stuff you never knew you liked before. And there aren’t many DJs worth listening to who haven’t played in a Match bar at some point. We give them lovely sound systems to play on and in return they hopefully try a little bit harder for us.


After a hard slog at work, Match lends itself well to the wind down, for those of you that want to clock off early we open at 3pm on a Friday. You`ll hear a lot of  new music through our system at the start of the night and then we are joined by some great DJs from 7pm – the music is good enough to get you revived and you never know you may even end up busting some moves. No cover charge and no glam dress code.


Saturday is full of great samples surrounding nu disco, funk, breaks & house. DJs from 8pm; Ian Pian, Ricardo Ramos. No cover charge.

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